Contributions and questions

MIMIC is provided through the work of researchers at the MIT Laboratory for Computational Physiology and our collaborators. We have limited resources and cannot provide individual support to researchers worldwide. We therefore encourage MIMIC users to work together as a community. The MIMIC Code Repository contains collaboratively developed code for a large number of useful concepts in MIMIC. The issues page provides a forum for public discussion which reaches a larger audience, enables wider discourse, and full transparency around discussions.

How do I raise an issue on the MIMIC Code Repository?

To raise an issue, first navigate to the MIMIC Code Repository issues page. After logging in to GitHub, click “New issue”, add a title and description of the problem, and then select the “Submit new issue” button.

How can I help to improve the MIMIC website and documentation?

Content for the MIMIC website and documentation is hosted publicly on GitHub:

To raise a problem or to suggest an improvement, please create a new issue at:

To fix an issue or to contribute new content, please either select the ‘Edit this page’ item in the left hand menu of the website or submit a pull request in GitHub.

How can I share code that I have written for MIMIC?

We encourage you to share the code that you use for analyzing the data. We currently collaboratively develop code in the MIMIC Code Repository:

Do I need to contribute my code to the MIMIC Code Repository?

Of course not - feel free to start your own repository! Be sure to tag it for discoverability - for example, on GitHub, you can use the mimic-iii tag.

MIMIC-III v1.4 documentation